Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

Tenders Vic

Government organisations may advertise market approach opportunities such as request for quotation, expression of interest and request for tenders on the Tenders Vic website. Tenders Vic provides suppliers with a platform to view and respond to government supply opportunities through the E-lodgement system, in one place.

Tenders Vic is useful to suppliers for the following reasons:

  • identifies current supply opportunities;
  • provides a platform to lodge all government procurement responses electronically;
  • understand the type of procurement that is currently being sourced by departments;
  • obtain contact details of the relevant contract manager for further information; and
  • encourages market participation by providing suppliers with transparent procurement details.

Organisations’ procurement activity plans

To give business’ greater opportunity to bid for government work, the VGPB policies require organisations to develop a procurement activity plan. The plan outlines all anticipated procurement activity for the next 12 to 24 month period including a brief summary and contact details.

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