Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

Each year the Victorian Government spends several billion dollars on purchasing goods and services from the private sector. The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) is committed to providing equal opportunity for all businesses, irrespective of their size and location, to bid for work through open and transparent market processes.

The Victorian Government is committed to making it easier for suppliers to do business with government. A suite of templates have been developed to assist Victorian Government buyers when approaching the market for offers. It seeks to reduce the administrative burden on suppliers and buyers by providing templates that are simple to understand, consistent and scalable.

The guides and templates move procurement specific information to the front of the document, reducing duplication of information and categorising requirements into whole of government, organisational and procurement specific. This will make it easier for suppliers to identify the differences when supplying to different government organisations, reducing the administrative burden.

A single Invitation to Supplyword.gif has been developed for buyers seeking offers from suppliers. It is made up of five parts: 

1. Introduction

2. Part A - About the invitation (and specifications)

3. Part B - Conditions of participation

4. Part C - Proposed contract

5. Part D - the Offer

While it is not mandatory for government organisations to use these templates, the VGPB encourages government organisations to adopt the templates to simplify the procurement process.

Standardising the way we do things

With the objective of making it easier for suppliers to do business with the government, default conditions for participating in Victorian Government procurement have been established for participation in an Expression of Interest (EOI) process and an Invitation to supply process. Please refer to the following links for the VGPB default position. These conditions only apply when there are no published conditions within the invitation documents released by a department or public sector agency.

Default conditions participating in an EOI processword.gif

Default conditions for participating in an Invitation to Supply process word.gif

Further to this, default terms and conditions have also been established for the supply of goods and the provision of services. These terms and conditions come into effect when there is no executed contract between the State and the provider for the good and/or service.

Default conditions for the supply of Goods.docxword.gif

Default conditions for the provision of Services.docxword.gif

Uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE)

To support the Victorian Government's commitment to create and retain local jobs, the VGPB has released a Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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