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Supplier Registration

Suppliers seeking admission to the eServices Register must submit an application to the Victorian Government through the eServices Register which has been implemented using VendorPanel.

The registration process has the following steps:

  1. Suppliers are to register on the VendorPanel platform.
  2. VendorPanel will send an activation email once the registration is completed.
  3. Login and complete the required VendorPanel profile. Drafts can be saved at any time and revisited for completion at any time.
  4. Submit the completed profile for approval.
  5. The eServices Register Administrator examines the profile and, approves or rejects.

Important registration information

1. Supplier URL

Please provide your website address (URL) on registration. Your application will not be assessed if you do not include a valid URL.

2. Time to complete registration

Suppliers have 28 days to complete their supplier profile. Any supplier who exceeds this time will be deleted. Extensions to this time may be granted if requested. Once deleted, suppliers will need to register again.

3. Supplier Code of Conduct

The Victorian State Government (the State) is committed to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement. In ensuring that our suppliers maintain the same values as the Government, the State has established a Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code).

The Code outlines the minimum ethical standards in behaviour that suppliers will aspire to meet when conducting business with, or on behalf of, the State.

By proceeding with the registration, you signify that you have read and will agree to meet the ethical standards set out in the Code. 

4. Further information requests

The Department of Premier and Cabinet will, in the future, request the supplier to provide further information as part of the registration process. VendorPanel will email suppliers when this is required.

Register as a supplier on the eServices Register (Vendorpanel)

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