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eServices Register: Buyer Training

eServices Register: Buyer Training

A range of training materials has been created to assist buyers with procurement via the  eServices Register. Access videos and documents, as per the list below. Additional topics can be suggested using the feedback button.

The videos have been loaded on YouTube, more videos will be loaded, please go to the link below to see the latest.

To see the video in full screen mode, select watch on YouTube and then select full screen mode.


  • When creating a sourcing event the creation page allows you to select either RFP(RFQ) or RFI as the event type.
  • The creation process is the same for either type except for that selection.
  • The videos below show the RFI selection.
  • So you can use the videos below to guide your creation of either an RFP(RFQ) or RFI.

1. General

Awarding a contract


Create a Quick Project RFI Without Publish Approval


Create a Quick Project RFI Publish Approval


Editing content

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