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Supplier Registration

Suppliers seeking admission to the eServices Register must submit an application to the Victorian Government through the eServices Register which has been implemented using the Ariba Cloud Solution.

Note: S new eServices contract has been introduced. However the Supplier Profile has yet to be updated. Details of the new contract are under the resources tab of this site. Any RFQ issued will refer to the new contract.

The registration process has the following steps:

  1. Register your organization on the Ariba Cloud Platform, if you haven't already done so by using the link at the bottom of this page. Remember to set your location and time zone. Then go to step 3.
  2. If you already have an Ariba id, do not complete another registration; instead login using the yellow login button and then complete the Victorian Government Profile and submit it for approval. Go to step 6.
  3. Once that registration is submitted Ariba will send an activation email.
  4. Login to Ariba and complete the required Victorian Government Profile. Note you can save drafts at any time and return to complete the profile later.
  5. Submit the completed profile for approval. Note you need only complete the mandatory fields before submitting.
  6. The eServices Administrator examines your profile and, approves or rejects the application.  If approved you will receive a welcome message from the Administrator issued through Ariba.

Note: Only the compulsory fields need to be completed before your profile is submitted for approval. It should be fully completed before you submit an offer. As buyers may examine your profile to determine if they want to invite you to respond to an RFQ it is advisable to complete it at your earliest convenience.

The three stages of approval are:

  • In Registration, you have established your Ariba ID and started to complete the Victorian Government supplier profile.
  • Unapproved you have submitted you profile for Approval.
  • Approved, you may be selected to receive a request to quote.

Buyers can see your entry at all stages but can only invite you to participate once you have been approved.

Admission to the eServices register is restricted to suppliers supplying eServices as defined. See the resources tab for a definition of eServices.

Note: Suppliers have 28 days to complete their supplier profile; any suppliers who exceed this time will be deactivated and therefore not visible on the system and unable to be accessed. Extensions to this time may be granted if requested.

Once deactivated, suppliers will then need to request that their profile be reactivated to be able to complete it. The request needs to be made to

Please do not call the Ariba Help desk about registration issues. Instead either email or call 1300 366 356.

Click here to go to Ariba.


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