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eServices Contract

The Victorian Government prefers to engage with suppliers using standard terms and conditions. Not accepting the use of standard terms and conditions may reduce the opportunity to be invited to quote.  Agreement to use standard terms and conditions is included in the supplier profile questionaire (SPQ) within Ariba; the same question may also  be included in each RFQ issued.
The eServices contract may change from time to time, if it does any RFQ issued will indicate the revision date of the contract to be used.

Policy for use of the eServices contract.

eServices Contract Guidance PDF.gif

eServices contract,

Version 2, 29 April 2016

eServices Contract

eServices contract changes V1 to V2

Changes V1 to V2

eServices Contract Variables

eServices Contract Variables word.gif

eServices Contract Variables - Changes

eServices register Contract Variables

eServices Contract User Guide

 Available in the Ariba sourcing Library and by request to


Contract Structure
Once the Contract Variables have been signed, the Contract will consist of:
1. the Terms (including the schedules);
2. the Contract Variables;
3. the Request; and
4. the Response 

 eServices Register: Tips - Buyer

Create a Sourcing Project (RFQ)



Delete a Test event

To Delete a Test Project word.gif


Visibility of supplier responses

Visibility of supplier responses word.gif


How to award an event, this should be done for all events

Awarding an Event word.gif


creating custom sourcing content

Creating Custom Sourcing Content PDF.gif


Navigate the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ)

How to Collapse SPQ Sections word.gif



 eServices register: Tips - Supplier

Add an additional Supplier User

Adding a user word.gif

Adjust User Profile Settings




eServices Register: News

eServices Bulletin 1


Published Oct 2014.

Last update: 2014 05 24

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