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Buyer Registration

Government Buyers must register in order to gain access to the eServices Register. Whilst the Register is mandated for inner Government Departments it is available to the wider public sector without restriction. As a guide the list of organisations and users currently registered can be found under the reports tab.

Registration includes the following process:

  1. Complete the form below and acknowledge the privacy statement.
  2. The form goes to the eServices administrator for processing, the objective is to process the application within 1 business day, however this is not always possible. In case of urgent need ring the contact centre 1300 366 356 and ask for priority processing.
  3. Note that emails with the stub "" will be automatically approved. other email addresses will need senior departmental approval where the buyer's organisation has a "" stub. Where the organisation has another stub but is considered part of the public sector or where approval has been given to use a non-departmental email send an email at the time of application to
  4. Once a buyer has been approved by the eServices administrator, which is automatic in most cases, the buyer will be loaded into the Ariba system by the eServices Administrator and Ariba will then send an activation email to the email address the buyer submitted. Sometimes the activation emails end up in the junk folder, so check if you don't receive the activation email within a reasonable time.

Buyers need to register in order to gain access to the eServices register (hosted on Ariba).
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed

      Privacy Notice 

      Personal information you enter into the eServices Register (including the Supplier Registration) is maintained by the Victorian Government's contractor outside Victoria and may be held, used or disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Statement. By entering data into the Register you are accepting the conditions and providing the warranties set out in that Privacy Statement, including a warranty that any person whose personal information you enter into the Register consents to the use, disclosure and transfer outside Victoria as described in the Statement


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