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The eServices register provides suppliers with a way to respond to requests from government departments and agencies (buyers) for the provision of specified IT services. It allows buyers to make more informed procurement decisions.

The register does not have an end date and is open to suppliers who are able provide the goods and services relating to a broad range of IT services and related products, further details of which are discussed in What You Can Buy section below.

The contract terms and conditions along with associated variable documents is the only contract to be used when engaging suppliers from the eServices register. Refer to Guidance on use of Contract on the eServices web page in the resources section and within VendorPanel on the eServices list.

The eServices register platform is provided by VendorPanelexternal-link.gifand MUST be used to issue all approaches to market (RFx) within the scope of the eServices Register. It is unacceptable to use email as the method of approaching the market for eServices because of probity, transparency and reporting issues.

Ariba provided the eServices platform from 1 July 2013 to 1 June 2017. Information related to archiving of Ariba data can be found at the end of this page. 

You may register using the buttons below. Once you have registered you may bookmark the VendorPanel login page or use the access button below.

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Key SPC benefits

The eServices Register aims to provide buyers with flexibility and choice in their procurement requirements along with providing opportunities for industry to compete for Victorian Government business.

The VendorPanel platform:

  • is user friendly in design and scope allowing buyers to more easily navigate it when engaging suppliers;
  • has a built in reporting mechanism allowing buyers to generate reports about their procurement activities; and
  • has a built in analytical component allowing buyers to trace procurement transactions over time.
Lead Agency
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Start Date
End Date
Secondary Contact

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Click here for the full list.

Mandated Agencies

Click here for the full list.

The eServices Register is also available for use by all other state government entities including local government authorities and non for profit organisations delivering government services. Email to verify eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

The Department of Premier and Cabinet, via the category manager, is responsible for:

  • liaising with suppliers on matters relating to contract administration and operation; 
  • providing reporting requirements to the Department of Treasury and Finance; 
  • monitoring ‘exceptions’ procurement; and
  • managing and maintaining contract catalogues and all other documentation.

Supplier Details

The list of approved eService suppliers is available within the VendorPanel platform.

What you can buy from this SPC

The scope of the eServices Register includes a broad range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and related products, facilitating the delivery of end-to-end solutions. The register provides a procurement channel for professional services to specify, develop, test and maintain a solution, and may provide all component parts of the solution, including software and hosting services. The full range of hosted services, including software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), may be offered as part of a full solution. Geo-spatial data services are also available.

The government’s existing procurement arrangements for software or hosting services may need to be used in constructing the solution. In such cases, buyers will have the option to either seek a fully integrated solution offered by a single eServices supplier, or to manage the procurement and integration of the various elements of the solution from multiple suppliers.

Buyers are encouraged to download the categories available on the eServices Register from the Resources section below for further information.

The eServices Register is to be used when there is an ICT requirement to engage a business entity, that would be accountable to the buyer of their services for the delivery of all required outcomes. This engagement is typically based on a statement of work.

The eServices Register is to be used to provide backup or support services of an external organisation for a specific technology project. It is not to be used to engage on-hire workers (temporary staff). The Staffing Services SPC is used to supply a diverse range of IT and administrative on-hire workers/temporary staff. This engagement is typically based on a position description.

The IT Infrastructure Registerexternal-link.gifis to be leveraged for any hardware procurement without a service component.

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

The eServices Register is open to all suppliers who are able to provide the said goods and services with applications to be made at any time.

The word.gif Rules of Use (134 KB) document is to be referenced by buyers and suppliers when procuring.

Buyers are advised to maintain a clear and unambiguous trail of documentation relevant to all procurement and decision-making processes, including all advertising and communication activities, as transactions are scrutinised through Parliament, Freedom of Information and the Victorian Auditor-General's Office.

Buyers must publish details of contracts valued at $100,000 or higher on the Contract Publishing System (CPS) external site icon within 60 days of the award of contract.


The documents below are also provided for buyers and suppliers when procuring under the eServices Register.


Training materials

An introduction to the use of the eServices Register via VendorPanel to help buyers and suppliers understand the new system is provided below.

For further information on the new system, buyers and suppliers will be able to access extensive FAQs and training videos on the VendorPanel platform after successful registration.  

Further assistance

Access to Ariba ceased in January 2018.

All eServices related data will be permanently erased by Ariba by April 2018.

Confidential information

Confidential contractual information is available to approved buyers through the VendorPanelexternal-link.gif website.

For further information please direct your query to

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