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The eProcurement platform state purchase contract (SPC) provides Victorian Government departments and agencies (buyers) with an opportunity to establish an online eProcurement platform supported by VendorPanel. 

VendorPanel is a multi-award winning secure cloud based application. It is developed and supported in Victoria. VendorPanel is recognised for its simple user experience, and innovative collaborative capabilities, so in addition to buyers specific sourcing, it also enables innovative collaboration across and between buyers (secure, controlled, selective). 

This non-mandated SPC will enable buyers to acquire a VendorPanel license. Under the SPC, license terms and conditions are already agreed, and pricing is defined and scalable in line with requirements and functionality. Buyers are simply required to complete an order form, please see rules of use below.

The SPC commenced on 11 May 2017 for a period of three years and expires on 31 May 2020 with a two year extension option.

Key SPC Benefits

This SPC provides a procurement platform which: 

  • allows departments and agencies to manage their supplier lists, panels, contractor lists, registers and SPC via a secure whole of government platform;
  • provides an easy to use intuitive sourcing wizard for buyers to get quotes and proposals;
  • provides a marketplace for transparent sourcing from local and verified social suppliers;
  • provides value for money by streamlining the procurement process;
  • enables buyers to leverage VendorPanel at a discounted cost compared to license costs outside the SPC;
  • provides full audit capability across all of the steps of the procurement process;
  • enforces probity principles and practices by ensuring common dissemination of information to all parties;
  • allows buyers to leverage an online evaluation matrix as part of the procurement process; and
  • provides security and privacy assurance as all data is housed in Australia.

Lead Agency
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Secondary Contact

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

This SPC is not mandatory but can be leveraged by the mandated departments.

Mandated Agencies

This SPC is not mandatory but can be leveraged by the mandated agencies.

All Victorian buyers are eligible to use this SPC including those that are not bound by VGPB policies.

Subject to DPC approval, other government owned and supported organisations such as non-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category manager to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

The category manager is the key point of contact for:

  • the operational management of the arrangement; 
  • resolving operational issues raised by buyers and suppliers; and
  • ensuring that the negotiated contract benefits are realised to ensure continuous improvement in contract benefits year on year.

Supplier Details

This SPC is a sole supplier arrangement.





VendorPanel Pty Ltd

68 129 460 751

Level 3
67 Hardware Lane,

Matthew Clyne
Commercial Director
M: +61 3 9095 6181

What you can buy from this SPC

The VendorPanel Platform (Software as a service - SAAS Subscription License), implementation, support and supplier services which includes the modules below.

Base Modules

  • Branded secure portal
  • User module
  • Source to award module
  • Supplier list management module
  • Collaboration module
  • Reporting and analytics module

Optional Add-on Modules

  • Add-on third party verified marketplaces (Social Procurement)
  • Add-on local supplier marketplace (Local Economic Development)
  • Public tenders

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

Buyers are encouraged to follow the following steps.
  1. Identify and scope requirements.

  2. Acquire access to Confidential Information System (Contract, Order Form & Pricing List).

  3. Examine contract and pricing list.

  4. Contact VendorPanel and clarify scope requirement’s (If necessary).

  5. Complete VendorPanel order form.

  6. Request quote from VendorPanel (details below)
    • Examine Prices against contract.
    • Issue Purchase Order to VendorPanel
    • Begin Implementation


The links below are provided as an example to show the initial application of this SPC which was the eServices register.

Confidential information

Contractual Information is available to eligible buyers subject to execution of a Confidentiality Agreement. This information is only available to authorised staff of the Victorian Government buyers and government supported entities.

Confidential Information System external-link.gif has been established. Users are to complete an online registration form to provide access. A step-by-step process is being provided to interested users. These instructions are detailed in the word.gif State Purchase Contracts Registration Guide (126KB).

Please note confidential information may not be accessed by anyone other than intending purchasers from the SPC.

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