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The Victorian Office Telephony Services (VOTS) is the provision of office telephony and related facilities management service to the Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG).

Specific services include:

  • managed service office telephony - traditional and internet protocol;
  • voicemail;
  • call attendants;
  • help desk; and
  • call charge validation.

VOTS is one of the five contracts that were delivered under the Victorian Government’s Telecommunications Purchasing and Management Strategy (TPAMS). Additional contracts include those for the provision of Internet Services and Telecommunications Carriage Service (TCS) for fixed voice, mobile and data Carriage Services.

Key SPC benefits

VOTS buyers have the option of leasing or buying their office telephony equipment.

VOTS includes the provision of monthly billing and reporting services and dedicated help desk facilities.

Lead Agency
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Esmeralda Kesy
Category Manager
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Phone: 03 7017 3446
Secondary Contact
Not applicable

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Not applicable

Mandated Agencies

Not applicable

Departments and agencies may procure from this contract.

Subject to approval by the lead department, other government owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis.

Departmental Contract Managers

The category manager is responsible for the development, establishment and overall management of the TPAMS agreements.

The category manager ensures that the negotiated contract benefits are realised and drives continuous improvement in contract benefits year on year.

Supplier Details


NEC Australiaexternal-link.gif
86 001 217 527
Level 9
720 Bourke Street
John Tsatsos
Strategic Account Director
P: +61 3 9900 9518
M: +61 423 609 869

What you can buy from this SPC

VOTS contract is a managed services contract dealing with the deployment and management of telephone systems and PABX-connected equipment at government sites. It includes the provision of the Victorian Government switchboard, call centre equipment, telephone numbering range management and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment.

The contract between the Victorian Government and NEC Australia Pty Ltd (NEC) outlines how NEC will offer products and services to buyers. The contract set includes:

VOTS Head Agreement:  The head agreement records the agreements and arrangements between the State and NEC under which NEC provides the required products and services. The head agreement also sets out the broad contractual framework in which products and services are created, managed and terminated, that is the VOTS service agreements and buyer contracts.

VOTS Service Agreement - Telephony Facilities Management:  This represents a comprehensive suite of desktop telephony facilities management products, including telephony, network, buyer care, maintenance, billing and procedures, plans and records.

VOTS Service Agreement - Telephony Sub-Systems:  This refers to the analogue, digital and IP handset rental and purchase options, with details on various other peripheral items. centralised attendants, carrier billing reconciled to the handset, carrier billing processing and payment management.

VOTS Service Agreement - Installation and Projects:  This identifies pricing and service levels for MAC projects (10 – 500 hard MACs). Also covered is a commitment from the supplier regarding the availability and charges for professions and trades personnel for many of the standard telephony skill sets, e.g. electrician, cablers, PBX programmers, etc..

VOTS Service Agreement - Internet Protocol (IP):  This details requirements for IP telephony. It also sets out the minimum LAN specification for IP telephony to the desktop. It includes the requirements for the IP network that link all of the sites (iCDN).

VOTS Service Agreement – Telephony Managed Maintenance: This identifies the services consisting of the management, maintenance and support of approved equipment and the supply of telephone switching, telephone sub-systems management and associated reporting, maintenance, training billing and buyer support functions.

Purchase Order (PO) or buyer contract:  This sets out the agreement between the buyer and NEC including details specific to the particular buyer.

Each of the five VOTS service agreements record specific service levels, pricing, and arrangements under which NEC supplies products and services to buyers.

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

A common requirement for all TPAMS contracts is the buyer contract (also known as the GATS Purchase Order (PO).

The buyer contract is signed between the buyer and the supplier, and performs two functions, (1) codifies the buyer and the supplier relationship under the common terms of the head and service agreements and (2) provides an opportunity to include buyer specific requirements.

New buyers wanting to leverage off the contract are recommended to follow the steps outlined below.   

 # Action Responsible 
 1 Identify and scope requirement for initial business. Contact category manager if any clarification required.
 2 Issue buyer with a Deed of Confidentiality* (DoC) for execution if applicable.
Category Manager
 3 Review and execute the DoC and email the category manager.
 4 Contact GATS to discuss business requirements and obtain current pricing.
 5 Capture initial business requirements with approved GATS PO and submit for lead department review.
 6 Review the GATS PO against the Service Agreement.  PO number** issued to the supplier.
Category Manager
 7 Issue GATS PO to the buyer for execution.


Existing buyers are recommended to follow the steps outlined below. 

 # Action
 1 Identify and scope additional requirements and/or services. Engage directly with current GATS supplier to discuss.
 2 Capture additional requirements variation to the original GATS PO and submit to the lead department for review.
 3 Review and check compliance of the GATS PO contract variation against the relevant Service Agreement.  A variation contract number** is issued to the GATS supplier.
Category Manager
* A DoC is used to protect confidential information contained in the TPAMS head and service Agreements (or other contractual documents including pricing). The DoC is required if the party seeking to participate is not a government department or agency.
** A PO number and variation contract number is only issued by the lead department once the buyer has returned an executed DoC.

Confidential information 

Eligible government owned or supported entities can apply to use the SPC by contacting the category manager.

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