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The enterprise licensing agreement (ELA) is a contract entered into by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) as the lead department and VMware Pty Ltd. The ELA sets out the terms under which the VMware Server Virtualisation (SV) software licences can be leveraged by the participating departments and agencies (buyers), and the costs of annual maintenance.

SV products improve the efficiency and utilisation of computer servers.

All procurement activities with VMware are to be transacted via VMware's approved reseller, Data #3 Ltd.

The ELA with VMWare was extended on the 30 June 2016 for a period of 12 months.


The ELA is a vehicle to aggregate the demand across buyers to improve the total cost of ownership of VMware products. It improves the value for money outcomes for buyers and reduces commercial risk.  

The ELA enables an efficient, streamlined and productive engagement process with VMware that reduces the time and resources needed by buyers to negotiate individual end user licence agreements for each transaction.

Lead Agency
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
John O'Hehir
Manager, Procurement Branch
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Phone: +61 3 7017 3284
Email: john.o'
Secondary Contact
Not applicable

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Not applicable

Mandated Agencies

Not applicable

However, the following buyers may procure under this ELA:

• CenITex;
• Department of Education and Training;
• Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources;
• Department of Treasury and Finance;
• Environment Protection Board;
• VicRoads;
• Department of Health and Human Services;
• Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria;
• State Revenue Office;
• Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police (Victoria Police); and
• Victorian Rail Track (VicTrack).

Departmental Contract Managers

 Please refer to Category Managers above.

Supplier Details

The ELA is a sole supplier arrangement with all procurement transaction to be done via Data #3.

VMware International Ltd external-link.gif
81 427 693 656
Level 7, 28 Freshwater Place
Lilia Panasenkova
Account Executive, Victorian Government and Healthcare
P:  +61 3 9283 9140
M: +61 434 996 190
F:  +61 3 9283 9101

Data #3 Ltdexternal-link.gif
31 010 545 267
67 High Street
Melanie Meehan
Account Manager
P:  +61 3 8823 2009

Please cc all email correspondence to via:

Help Desk:  1300 230 482

What you can buy from this SPC

The maximum number of items identified below can be procured against the products and services across all the buyers, unless otherwise specified below. 

  • Upgrade: VMware vSphere Enterprise to vSphere Enterprise Plus for one (1) processor –
    maximum 30 licences;
  • VMware Horizon  Standard : 10 Pack (CCU) – maximum nine packs (10 pack);
  • VMware NSX for vSphere per Processor – maximum 70 (deployment permitted by VicTrack only);
  • VMware vSphere  Enterprise Plus for vCloud Suites – maximum 120;
  • VMware vSphere  Enterprise Plus for 1 processor – maximum 530;
  • VMware vSphere  with Operations Management Enterprise Plus for one (1) processor – maximum 623;
  • VMware vCenter Server  Standard for vSphere  (per instance) – maximum 35;
  • VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit – maximum one (1);
  • VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (per instance) – maximum one (1);
  • VMware Horizon Enterprise Edition: 10 Pack (named users) – maximum 10;
  • VMware View Premier Starter Kit – maximum  four (4);
  • VMware vRealize Operations Advanced (25 OSI pack) – maximum 21;
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager  Standard (25 VM pack) – maximum seven (7);
  • VMware vSphere Essentials Add-on – maximum 110;
  • VMware vCenter Lab Manager to VMware vCloud Director Conversion – maximum 28;
  • VMware View Premier Add-on - 10 Pack – maximum eight (8);
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager  Enterprise (1 VM) – maximum 180;
  • VMware vRealize Suite  Advanced (per PLU) – maximum 120;
  • VMware vSphere Essentials Kit – maximum one (1);
  • VMware vSphere Essentials - Starter Kit – maximum one (1);
  • VMware vSphere  Enterprise for 1 processor – maximum  54;
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager Enterprise (25 VM pack) – maximum (5);
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM Tier 1) – one (1) year duration; 
  • Consulting and Learning Credits - 734; and
  • Consulting and Learning Credits – 240 (VicTrack only).             

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

All procurement activities with VMware are to be transacted via VMware’s approved reseller, Data #3 Ltd.

How to join the ELA

Buyers listed above are able to leverage off the current ELA.

New agencies can express interest in joining this ELA during 2016.

If approved, that buyer will be able to leverage the ELA no later than 30 June 2017.

The procuring of new VMware products is available at a further discount (at VMware's discretion) against the VMware Government List Price provided the procurement is over $25,000 AUD.

Confidential Information

Contractual information is available to approved users. 

A new confidential information system external-link.gifhas been established and users are to complete an online registration form. A step-by-step process is provided to interested users.  These instructions are detailed in the word.gif  State-Purchase-Contracts-Registration-Guide.docx (126 KB).

Please note confidential information may only be accessed and used for the purpose of utilising the ELA and procuring under the conditions of the ELA.

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