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Please note the change in process for accessing State Purchase Contract (SPC) confidential information. The existing user account to access the SPC confidential information will no longer be active. A new SPC confidential information system is being introduced and will require user registration. Please see instructions in the Registration Guide (126 KB)


The State Purchase Contract (SPC) for provision of electricity for small and medium enterprise and residential Victorian Government sites was established following an open tender process undertaken by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF). The SPC offers supply of electricity to sites  consuming less than 40 Megawatt Hours (MWh) per annum.

The SPC commenced on 1 November 2015 for a 38-month term and expires on 31 December 2018 with no options to extend. The SPC is a sole supplier arrangement with Powerdirect.

Key SPC benefits

The objective of the contract is to provide a secure and reliable electricity supply to small and medium enterprise and residential Victorian Government sites.

Key benefits of the SPC are:

  • substantial percentage discount off published tariffs;
  • ability to add new sites (subject to conditions); and
  • electronic and consolidated billing arrangement capabilities.
Lead Agency
Department of Treasury and Finance
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Steven Brown
Senior Category Manager
Strategic Sourcing
Department of Treasury and Finance
Ph: (+613) 9651 1558
Secondary Contact
Darren Pietrzak
Category Manager
Strategic Sourcing
Department of Treasury and Finance
Ph: (+613) 9651 5047

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Click here for the full list.

Mandated Agencies

Click here for the full list.

Departments and agencies bound by Victorian Government Purchasing Board must purchase from the SPC if the arrangement is mandated. Refer the above lists.

Subject to approval by the lead department, other government owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category manager to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

Departmental representatives/contract managers are the key point of contact between the SPC category manager and departmental users. They can be contacted for SPC information and are responsible for resolving operational issues raised by contract users and suppliers.  

Departmental representatives contact details can be found here in the Department Contact List - SME-R electricity.

Supplier Details

The SPC is a sole supplier arrangement with Powerdirect.


Antonio Mastoraki

Relationship Manager - Strategic Sales
Address: 699 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 300
Phone: (+61) 86337961

What you can buy from this SPC

The SPC provides the supply of electricity to small and medium enterprise and residential sites (i.e. sites using less than 40 MWh per annum).

The key features of the SPC are:

  • new sites can be added to the contract under conditions agreed with the category manager and Powerdirect
  • network and market costs within the SPC tariffs represent pass-through costs and vary only in accordance with regulatory decision each year; and 

Green Power:

  • For government departments only, as part of the contracted services Powerdirect will source a percentage of total energy purchased from Green Power sources. This value is nominated by individual sites
  • Powerdirect can offer higher percentage values of 25 per cent; 50 per cent, 75 per cent or 100 percent Green Power to mandated or non-mandated entities if required.
  • These services are in line with current policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase consumption of "green" sources of energy.

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

Parties using the SPC are legally required to comply with the rules of use established by the lead department for purchasing under SPC as follows:

Mandated entities and those already approved to use the SPC should approach their departmental contract managers (refer departmental contacts table) to obtain further SPC details. Confidential information is available by requesting access via completion of the confidential information application form.

Non-mandated entities and those that have not applied previously who wish to access the SPC should contact the category manager.

How to join the SPC

Organisations interested in joining the SPC and accessing confidential information should follow the process below:

Please note confidential information may only be accessed and used for joining the SPC and purchasing under the SPC.

Step 1. Register to DTF.APPS portal and complete an on-line confidential information access request form to access confidential information for the selected SPC. Please see instructions in the Registration Guide (126 KB)

Step 2. The category manager will verify your eligibility to access the confidential information and if approved, you will be notified via email.

Step 3. Complete the following process to join the SPC:

For all sites for which transfer is required, upon joining the SPC a roll-in form must be completed providing the following information:

  • the National Meter Identifier (NMI) - (stated on the incumbent retailers' invoice);
  • supply address where the NMI is located - (stated on the incumbent retailers' invoice); and
  • the incumbent retailer.

Other information required includes:

  • required billing (per site or consolidated);
  • billing address (if different to the Supply Address);
  • billing address contact details;
  • selected percentage (out of either 10%, 25% or 100% available) if accredited GreenPower is required. Please note the default position is 0% - no GreenPower - unless the category manager and Powerdirect are told otherwise; and
  • entity/agency details and ABN (if new to the contract).


Small sites Electrical roll-in-Powerdirect.docx 

Step 4. Advise the category manager once you have completed the joining process.

Confidential Information

Confidential contract information is available to approved users. You can obtain access to this information by creating a user account for the new SPC confidential information system. Please refer to the instructions in the How to join the SPC section above.

The confidential section contains the executed contract, schedules, site list and supplier rates.


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