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Please note the change in process for accessing State Purchase Contract (SPC)  confidential information. The existing user account to access the SPC confidential information will no longer be active.

A new SPC confidential information system is being introduced and will require user registration. Please see instructions in the Registration Guide (126 KB)


The State Purchase Contract (SPC) for provision of print management and associated services (PMAS) was established following an open tender process undertaken by the Department of Treasury and Finance, as the Lead Department.

The SPC offers print management services, digital publishing, mail house and warehousing solutions. 

The SPC is a managed service arrangement with a sole supplier, Finsbury Green as the sole supplier.

The SPC commenced on 18 December 2015 for a period of three years and expires on 17 December 2018 with two one-year extension options available.

Key SPC benefits

The objectives of the contract are to provide strategic oversight and economies of scale to ensure that the Victorian government spend on PMAS demonstrates value for money whilst also monitoring expenditure and achieving commercial and non-commercial benefits.

The SPC includes the following benefits:

  • managed service provision including: people, systems and supply chain – with services provided and jobs awarded independently and transparently;
  • subject matter expertise with a focus on continued improvement;
  • competitive, all-inclusive user pays management fees;
  • flexible resource and pricing model to reflect changes in conditions and buyer behavior;
  • easy to use on-line ordering system; and
  • comprehensive suite of reporting capabilities.
Lead Agency
Department Treasury and Finance
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Patrick Muscat
Senior Category Manager
Department Treasury and Finance
Tel: (+613) 9651 1559
Secondary Contact
Steven Brown
Category manager
Department Treasury and Finance
Tel: (+613) 9651 1558

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Click here for the full list.

Mandated Agencies

Click here for the full list.

Departments and agencies bound by Victorian Government Purchasing Board policies must purchase from the SPC if the arrangement is mandated. Refer to the above lists.

Subject to approval by the lead department, other government owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category manager to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

Departmental representatives/contract managers are the key point of contact between the SPC category manager and departmental users. They can be contacted for SPC information and are responsible for resolving operational issues raised by contract users and suppliers. The list of department contract managers can be found in the

PMAS SPC VGPB website content Department Contacts-20180320.pdf

Supplier Details

The SPC is a sole supplier arrangement with Finsbury Green. 

Address: Level 9, 124 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3 9250 7644
Mobile: +61 4 2244 4484
Facsimile: +61 3 9639 0927

Each mandated department has been assigned a Finsbury Green account manager. Contact details can be found at:  PMAS SPC VGPB web-site Finsbury Green Account Manager List-20171116.pdf

What you can buy from this SPC

The SPC provides the following:

  • management of an approved list of print suppliers that meet Victorian Government requirements and enable access and opportunities for participants in the print industry to Victorian Government work;
  • management of an approved list of specialised suppliers to assist government departments and agencies when requested for digital publishing, warehousing, mail-house services and distribution needs;
  • the provision of account managers through an independent and dedicated PMAS unit providing Victorian Government  with the subject matter expertise and resources required to fulfil the service requirements;
  • provision of an online system (PMAS System), ensuring transaction transparency, reporting and ongoing contestability (where appropriate) of Victorian Government print and associated services requirements;
  • management of individual print jobs and associated services, collaborating with government users from development of brief and quote stage to the awarding of a job and where appropriate, negotiate fixed term pricing arrangements and/or the implementation of rate cards for government users; and
  • provision of extensive reporting capabilities that provides real-time reporting on all transactional information generated through the arrangement.

The key features of the SPC is the provision of the print management services under the following service categories:

Print Management Services

Print management services includes the procurement and management of printed products. This includes, but is not limited to printed items such as forms, brochures newsletters, posters, variable data, reports, and other specialty items.

The table below provides examples of types of printed products.                                         

Printed Forms

Repetitive print

Ad Hoc Print

  • Letterhead
  • With compliments slips
  • Envelopes
  • Memo pads
  • Business cards
  • Appointment cards
  • Annual reports
  • Booklets
  • Invitations
  • Manuals
  • Posters
  • Wall charts
  • Budget papers
  • Newsletters
  • Flip charts
  • Desk calendars
  • Certificates
  • Braille versions of publications
  • Grant guidelines
  • Discussion papers
  • Magazines
  • Fact sheets
  • Application forms
  • Other ad hoc requests such as promotional collateral that may be requested from time to time

Digital publishing services

Finsbury Green will support government departments and agencies in identifying opportunities to digitally publish documents, recommend appropriate digital formats in line with departmental requirements and manage an approved list of specialised digital publishing suppliers.

Warehouse Services

Finsbury Green will assist government departments and agencies in establishing an integrated solution covering an end-to-end print fulfilment process where a warehousing component is required.

Mail house and distribution services

Finsbury Green can assist government departments and agencies in fulfilling any mail-house and distribution requirements relating to print products. Finsbury Green will maintain a list of approved suppliers for mail-house and distribution services.

Commercial model

There are three categories of management fee that apply to a purchase made under the agreement:

Management Fee


Management fee A

payable by all budget sector agencies for all purchases.

Management fee B

payable by all government owned and government supported organisations who utilise  account managers.

Management fee C

payable by all government owned entities and government supported organisations who do not utilise account managers.

The contract and commercials can be viewed by applying for access through the confidential information section.

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

Parties using the SPC are legally required to comply with the rules of use established by the lead department for purchasing under the SPC.

Each department has a representative that can assist with departmental  enquiries in regard to the contract. Please see supplier details above.

Once you have identified that you have a requirement, please follow the following process.

1. Make contact with Finsbury Green

  • You or your design agency will contact your dedicated Finsbury Green Account Manager either by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

2. Complete the brief form.

  • Complete the brief form (available in both E-form and Word format) provided on your department’s intranet and email it to your account manager. If you do not have all the details for your job, your account manager will be able to assist you.
  • Please ensure that you provide all of the relevant authorisation information (purchase order, cost center, job number) at the time of briefing to ensure there are no delays in placing your order and for invoicing to be accurate.

3. Receive quote.

  • Finsbury Green will review and confirm your job brief, then obtain a minimum of five quotes from selected suppliers suited to the requirements of your brief.
  • A period of 24 hours is given to suppliers to provide them with adequate time to ensure the best and most competitive response.
  • When a brief is complex and more time may be required for the quoting process, this will be negotiated and agreed between you and your account manager on a case by case basis.
  • Once the quoting process is completed, the Finsbury Green account manager will prepare and send a quote by email to you.
  • In the case of urgent jobs, these can be catered for but should be avoided where possible as fewer suppliers are likely to respond therefore reducing the competitive process which could result in a higher price than could have been achieved otherwise.

4. Approval of quote.

  • Once the quote is ready to be approved, you must provide Finsbury Green with the appropriate authorisation that has been agreed to.
  • This can be a scan of the signed PDF quote, your cost centre code and/or purchase order code.
  • Proper authorisation is essential to ensure that the job can be actioned and that the invoicing/payment process occurs without any complications.
  •  Your account manager will be in contact with you to confirm delivery and any other details that are required for the job to proceed.

5. Supply artwork.

  • Finsbury Green can receive your artwork files in a print ready PDF. Artwork can be delivered via email up to 10MB.
  • For artwork over 10MB and up to 2GB, it can be uploaded via the Finsbury Green electronic file transfer tool YouSendIt.
  • Your account manager will be able to give you access details to YouSendIt.

6. Approval of artwork.

  • Finsbury Green will send you a PDF proof or a hi-resolution digital printed proof.
  • A mock-up of the job can also be provided on occasion if deemed appropriate.
  • Once approved, you will need to send back the signed proof, along with the mock-up provided to confirm that the job is ready to proceed to production.

7. Printing and delivery.

  • Once your approval has been provided, Finsbury Green will action the job and manage the process with the chosen supplier until delivered.
  • Your account manager will verify samples to ensure quality standards have been met before the job is delivered (unless time constraints dictate otherwise) and send you samples at the same time as the job is delivered.
  • The finished product or service can be delivered anywhere across the state including where multiple locations are involved.
  • Please make sure that all delivery details are included in your brief so that the quote provided by Finsbury Green includes any costs that may be associated with this requirement.

8. Invoicing.

  • A number of options are available to ensure that the invoicing process occurs smoothly and that payment to Finsbury Green occurs within the agreed payment terms of 30 days from invoice.

-      Credit/purchase card. This is well suited for low value repetitive orders such as online stationery and for other low value ad hoc jobs that can come under the approval threshold of your department;

-      Summary invoice. This can be generated for an agreed period of time (i.e. weekly, bi-monthly or monthly) to capture all of the activities for the time period;

-      invoice to user at time of order. An invoice is emailed directly to the person requesting the job for them to manage the payment approval process; and

-      invoice is sent to a department accounts payable invoice email address. The invoice is emailed directly to the accounts payable of the department.

How to join the SPC

Step 1 - Expression of Interest

  • Public entities interested in joining the SPC can register their interest by contacting the PMAS Category Manager with the following:

“Pursuant to clause 3.1(b) of the Print Management and Associated Services  SPC, [Entity Name] seek approval from the Lead Department to acquire Goods from the Supplier under the terms and conditions of the Agreement”.

Step 2 - Eligibility

  • The PMAS Manager will verify your eligibility to access the SPC , which is approved by the lead department.

Step 3 – Complete a User Agreement

  • If a public entity wishes to access PMAS SPC they will need to complete a user agreement.
  • Upon obtaining the lead department's approval, notify Finsbury Green that the access has been granted.

Confidential Information

PMAS SPC confidential information can only be accessed by approved PMAS  users.

Step 1 – Registration

  • You can obtain access to this information by creating a user account for the new SPC confidential information system.
  • Register at DTF.APPS portal  and complete an on-line confidential information access request form.
  • Please refer to the  instructions in the Registration Guide

Step 2 – Eligibility

  • The PMAS Category Manager will verify your eligibility to access the confidential information and if approved, you will be notified via email.

Step 3 -  Access to the confidential PMAS SPC information

  • Access will then be given to confidential section contains the executed service provider rates for all services.


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