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The current agreement for Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) Microsoft licensing solution provider (LSP) with Insight Enterprises will expire on 30 September 2016.

Following a Microsoft LSP tender process, Data #3 Ltd has been appointed as the approved LSP. The agreement with Data #3 Ltd commenced on 30 June 2016. However due to a 90 day transition period, procurement activities with the new LSP officially commences on 30 September 2016.

Data#3 Ltd has been appointed for a three year term expiring in 2019.


As Microsoft does not sell directly to government department and agencies (buyers), the Department of Premier and Cabinet as the lead department has appointed Data #3 Ltd to transact all Microsoft sales, coordinate the annual true-up activity and assist buyers with licensing advice for Microsoft products and cloud services.  


Data#3 Ltd is the largest LSP in Australia and handles the majority of government business across Australia. As such, Data #3 Ltd brings substantial  knowledge, capability and expertise to the LSP role.

Data#3  Ltd adds substantially to the overall value proposition and the buyers are strongly encouraged to engage with Data#3 Ltd as soon as possible to understand how best to take advantage of these offerings.

Buyers are to contact the category managers or access the "Confidential Information" section for further information.

Lead Agency
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Not applicable
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Andy Simpson
Senior Adviser, Procurement Branch
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Phone: +61 3 7017 3280
Secondary Contact
Not applicable

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Not applicable

Mandated Agencies

Not applicable

Departments and agencies may procure from this contract.

Subject to approval by the lead department, all government departments and agencies, government -owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category managers to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

Not applicable

Supplier Details

The LSP contract is a sole supplier arrangement with all procurement transactions to be done via Data #3 Ltd.

Name ABN Address Contact
Data #3 Ltdexternal-link.gif
31 010 545 267
67 High Street
Melanie Meehan
Account Manager
P: +61 3 8823 2009


Please cc all email correspondence via:

Help Desk:  1300 230 482

What you can buy from this SPC

Data #3 Ltd offers all buyers participating in the EA, and those buyers granted access to leverage off the WoVG contract, the following services:

  • strategic guidance and planning related to Microsoft technologies, products, directions and planning;
  • quotes, invoices, license confirmations (proof of licence) covering Microsoft EA software and online services.
  • ad hoc and custom reporting on Microsoft licensing, expenditure and renewals;
  • performance to agreed service levels;
  • access to Data #3 Ltds online system for quotes, purchasing, invoice and purchase history and reporting;
  • management of  all software assurance (SA) benefits on behalf of WoVG;
    PDF.gif The Benefits Chart (668 KB) is provided for reference. For further information or to activate any of the above training or benefits, please contact the Data #3 Ltd help desk via phone 1300 232823 or email
  • help desk support and planning services, 24 x 7 problem resolution support and e-Learning;
  • coordination of  the annual true-up and management of the annual EA renewal process on behalf of buyers including:
    • providing  historical licensing information 90 days prior to the contract anniversary;
    • communication of significant true-up timelines and milestones;
    • process true -up orders with agencies by agreed deadlines;
    • reporting progress to the lead departments and CenITex during this time; and
    • coordinating quotations and receipt of purchase orders with buyers.
  • subject matter expertise, advice and access to licensing specialists upon request;
  • monitoring and identifying changes to demand expectations and any major changes in business volumes with government, and other influences that materially change the expected services requirements; and
  • advising disputes (if applicable) to the DPC category managers, payment issues or other risks that become evident in supporting government.

True-up process and timeline:

  • Data #3 Ltd will coordinate and manage this annual true-up process.
  • Each buyer is required under the terms of the Microsoft EA  to "true-up" their Additional Products
    (perpetual licensed products), no later than 1 February each year.
  • Where the total count deployed exceeds the licensed volume to which the entity is entitled, the extra licences must be procured at the annual true-up. This requires the agency to provide a statement to Data #3 Ltd of such products implemented through the year, with a purchase order for these products issued to Data #3 Ltd, usually by late January each year. This allows time for the purchase order to be processed, invoicing and payment to be made by no later than 1 February each year.
  • The enterprise desktop being a subscription service may be increased or decreased (i.e. trued-up or trued-down) each year depending on the buyer's needs.The same process and timeline will be coordinated by Data #3 Ltd.
  • The online services manager at each agency will generally be the internal coordinator for the true-up or down of “as a service” products.

Software Asset management (SAM) service (fee for Service):

Data #3 Ltd provides a SAM baseline service by completing an initial license baseline. This involves the reconciliation of Microsoft deployments vs Microsoft active licence entitlements, and includes both the matching of quantities and the more complex analysis of types of use and accounting for associated use rights and complicated use scenarios such as multiplexing, virtualisation, server mobility, capacity and cloud use. For assistance with SAM enquiries, please contact the  help desk via phone 1300 232823 or email

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

All procurement activities with Microsoft are to be transacted via Microsoft’s approved reseller, Data #3 Ltd.

Confidential Information

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2014-2017 registered users are automatically granted access to the confidential section of this contract and need not re-register.

Contractual information is available to approved users. 

A new confidential information systemexternal-link.gif has been established and users are to complete an online registration form. A step-by-step process is provided to interested users.  These instructions are detailed in the word.gif State Purchase Contracts Registration Guide (126 KB).

Please note confidential information may only be accessed and used for the purpose of joining the SPC and procuring under the SPC.

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