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Suppliers can download a step-by-step guide to supplier registrations.

The SPC for provision of marketing services was established on 16 December 2013 following the launch of a register framework by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF). The SPC offers a range of creative services within advertising and communication.

As an evergreen arrangement, DTF will conduct ongoing reviews of its suitability for industry and Victorian government. Suppliers can submit their application for pre-qualification on the MSR at any time whilst the arrangement is in place.

The SPC is an open register with multiple pre-qualified suppliers (as this is the case the up to date list of prequalified suppliers is available via Marketing Online). 

Key SPC benefits

The objectives of the contract is to ensure value for money outcomes in the procurement and consumption of creative marketing services across Victorian government departments and agencies.

The SPC provides the following benefits:

  • provide a streamlined, efficient and simplified registration process;
  • meet the changing needs of the industry and the Victorian Government - enabling flexibility to capture changes such as new industry trends and new procurement policies;
  • enable greater access for suppliers to Victorian Government work - creating opportunities for the overall industry; and
  • maximise competition and value for money through a pre-qualified register of suppliers.
Lead Agency
Department of Treasury and Finance
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Elena Avrutis
Category Manager
Strategic Sourcing
Department of Treasury and Finance
Phone: (+613) 9651 1560
Secondary Contact
Alex Bonner
Senior Category Manager
Strategic Sourcing
Department of Treasury and Finance
Phone: (+613) 9651 5534

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Refer to VGPB scope of policies.

Mandated Agencies

Refer to VGPB scope of policies.

Departments and agencies bound by Victorian Government Purchasing Board policies must purchase from the SPC if the arrangement is mandated. Refer to the above lists.

Subject to approval by the lead department, other government owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category manager to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

Departmental representatives/contract managers are the key point of contact between the SPC category manager and departmental users. They can be contacted for SPC information and are responsible for resolving operational issues raised by contract users and suppliers. 

Departmental representatives contact details can be found here in the Marketing Departmental Contacts Table

Supplier Details

As the SPC is an open register arrangement, the list of pre-qualified suppliers is updated on a regular basis. The up to date list of pre-qualified suppliers can be found via Marketing Online. Government purchasers can access this list by registering via the link below:

If you are a supplier wishing to become part of the MSR, please follow the instructions under “Rules of Use: How to use this SPC”.

What you can buy from this SPC

The scope of the MSR consist of the service categories set out below. Please note, some categories are optional for departments and agencies, and accordingly those departments and agencies may engage those services outside of the MSR. A review of the MSR’s scope may be conducted at any time throughout the life of the arrangement as determined by DTF in accordance with the MSR’s terms and conditions.



Marketing - Strategic Planning and Development

In consultation with the client, develop integrated marketing strategies that support achievement of the organisation’s business or project goals in accordance with the client brief. This may incorporate a number of different target audiences, delivery channels and comprehensive research.

Campaign Planning

In consultation with the client, develop campaigns that support the achievement of marketing, communication, advertising or public relations goals, consistent with Victorian Government communication policies and guidelines and overarching organisational communication strategies. May include clarifying business goals, establishing a creative theme, identifying and researching target audiences, establishing and reporting on metrics to measure success of the campaign.

Creative Concept and Development

Develop creative concepts that support relevant campaigns or communication strategies in accordance with the client brief and effectively engage the target audience in line with campaign goals. Where necessary, review and/or undertake research relevant to the campaign.

Brand Development and Evaluation

Develop a brand strategy that effectively supports organisational, service delivery or project business goals, consistent with Victorian Government policies and guidelines. The strategy should outline how to apply the brand in all aspects of business delivery, including marketing and communication activities. Evaluate the execution of the strategy against established objectives.

Copywriting (Optional)

Write copy for marketing and communication mediums that captures the message and tone required for the target audience and is suitable for the media format/s being employed, consistent with Victorian Government policies and style guides.

Art Direction

Provide specialist direction to the artistic team for a marketing and communication campaign consistent with campaign objectives and any relevant branding strategies.

Issues Management

Provide timely support, advice and communications solutions to effectively manage issues, potentially with limited advanced notice. May involve developing, implementing and evaluating comprehensive issues management strategies.

Public Relations

Develop and manage public relations strategies that support integrated communication, marketing or campaign objectives. May involve proactive media promotions, launches, events and other means of communication to generate public understanding, support and awareness consistent with communication goals.

Stakeholder Relations

Manage stakeholder engagement activities that support the achievement of business or project goals. May include planning, implementing and evaluating stakeholder engagement activities including consultation, briefings, launches and other activities. May also include capturing, analysing and reporting on stakeholder feedback and providing responses to stakeholders.

Writing and Editing (Optional)

Writing and editing communications material including: speeches, presentations, articles, web copy and brochures. This may involve sourcing and reviewing related material to inform the work.

Marketing Research

Plan and implement market research activities related to campaign development and evaluation, target audience profiling and evaluation and other communication activities. May include quantitative and qualitative methods of research and expertise in a range of research delivery methods including focus groups, surveys, telephone interviewing, online methods etc.

Change Communications

Plan / implement / evaluate communication strategies that support an internal or external change management program.

Digital Marketing (including social media)

Plan / implement / evaluate digital strategies to market government services or programs. Includes expertise in the application of digital tools including internet, smartphones, gaming, social media and other digital media to effectively reach audiences in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

May involve push and /or pull strategies as part of the digital marketing approach.

Video Production (Optional)

Capacity to script, produce and edit video footage that supports the marketing, promotion or communication of government services or programs. May be used for television, corporate events, websites or other media.

Graphic Design (Optional)

Deliver creative visual design concepts and elements that support communication of ideas, messages or identity of government programs. Includes the capacity to apply the design concepts to a range of visual media including publications, online or digital media, advertisements, posters, billboards, signs and other marketing collateral.


Master Agency Media Services (MAMS)
MSR does not include media planning or buying services as these are provided through the MAMS SPC.

Print Management and Associated Services (PMAS)
MSR does not include print management services as these are provided through the PMAS SPC.

Staffing Services Panel
MSR does not include recruitment services, this is provided through the Staffing Services SPC.

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

The MSR is supported by Marketing Online, an access controlled web-based information system. Marketing Online will contain details of all pre-qualified suppliers on the MSR

As Marketing Online contains sensitive and commercial information, access is restricted.

Pre-qualified suppliers and government purchasers will each be provided a unique username and password to access Marketing Online. Marketing Online Registration links are provided below: 

Suppliers should register here - Supplier Marketing Online Registration

A step-by-step guide to supplier registrations can be downloaded Marketing Services Register Guide

Government purchasers should register here - Government Purchaser Online Registration

NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer to register. Once login details are received, access will take one hour while the system regenerates. You only need to register once. If you try to register a second time, you will not be able to access the system.

Marketing Online

Pre-qualified suppliers and government purchasers will require their unique log in to access Marketing Online. To access Marketing Online visit

Please note the current Marketing Online system performs best on Internet Explorer. Other browsers may provide limited function of the system.

It is envisioned that in future all RFQs and supplier responses will be conducted via the system. While alternative systems are investigated, interim arrangements are as follows:

  • RFQs and Supplier Responses will need to be conducted offline e.g. via email.
  • Suppliers and Purchasers must log their RFQ details via Marketing Online (Guidelines are available via the Marketing Online system 'Help' and/or 'Templates' tab). If you are experiencing issues with logging RFQs on Marketing Online please complete the relevant form below and email to
  • Capability profiles of pre-qualified suppliers can be viewed via the confidential information page using your DTF.APPS portal login. Please see instructions in the Confidential Information section below.

RFQ and Purchase Order process

Please obtain a minimum of 3 quotes (or refer to your internal procurement policy).

The following templates should be used when government purchasers are looking to engage a supplier under the MSR:

Please see the following document for contract reference - Marketing Services Register - Standard Contract Term.pdf

The following workflow provides an overview of the steps to follow when seeking quotes under the MSR.
Marketing Services Register - RFQ and Purchase Order Workflow.pdf 

Contract Disclosure under the MSR

In accordance with the VGPB policy, engagements under the MSR must comply with the mandatory requirements under the Contract Disclosure Policy for individual procurement contracts. These requirements are stated as follows:

Contracts disclosure


  • Key contract details of MSR engagements with a total estimated value equal to or exceeding $100,000 (including GST) must be disclosed on a contracts publishing system (e.g. Tenders Vic )
  • Full contract information for MSR engagements with a total estimated value exceeding $10 million (including GST) must be disclosed on a contract publishing system. Only trade secrets or genuinely confidential business information will be withheld from voluntary disclosure, along with material which if disclosed would seriously harm the public interest. Please follow your organisation’s protocols and procedures for approving exemptions from disclosure.

Variation disclosure


  • Each individual variation, or variations with a cumulative value equal to or exceeding $100 000 (including GST) must be disclosed on the contract publishing system against the contract to which the variation relates. The estimated value of the variation and the adjustment to the total estimated value of the contract must be noted on the contract publishing system.

How to join the SPC (for buyers)

 Please register for Marketing Online via the link below:

VIPP requirements under the MSR

Please check whether the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) applies to your MSR procurement. VIPP applies to contestable government projects with a value of $3 million and over in metropolitan Melbourne and $1 million and over in regional Victoria. VIPP is an evaluation criterion in tender selection for contestable procurements at the shortlisted stage. All shortlisted bidders complete a VIPP plan addressing three main reporting requirements:

· the level of local content;

· the number of new jobs created; and

· possible skills, training and technology transfer generated by the project.

The plan also needs to outline how the bidder intends to implement these local industry development commitments. For more information on VIPP please visit DEDJTR - VIPP.

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