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The End User Computing Equipment (EUC) state purchase contract (SPC)  is for the provision of Apple devices, Chrome devices, desktop computers, mobility devices, two-in-one devices and notebook computers.  

Android phones and i-phones are not in the EUC scope.

The EUC SPC was established in November 2018 for a period of three years with two one year extension options.

The contract replaces the previous EUC SPC Panel 2014.

Key SPC benefits

The contract provides the following benefits.

  • Contract terms have been agreed to in advance, and procuring arrangements can be established via a Customer Service Agreement (CSA).
  • Procuring processes have been simplified with only one written quotation required for all procurement activities. Buyers will need to follow their own departmental guidelines.
  • The panel provides for new services such as desktop-as-a-service.
  • The EUS SPC provides leasing as an option with pre-negotiated leasing terms.
  • Pricing for desktops and notebooks will be benchmarked on a periodic basis.
  • The contract provides a flexible arrangement which will be reviewed annually and refreshed at the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s discretion which may involve adding new suppliers, adding, modifying, expanding the goods and services and removing suppliers who have periodically not met the service level requirements.
  • The contract will provide increased efficiency through the provision of supplier portals where each buyer can order equipment, view/download information relating to procurement reports.
  • The EUC SPC addresses the Governments Social Procurement Framework by providing supplier KPI's against each framework objective.
Lead Agency
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Closed panel
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Andrew Kenter
Contract Manager, Procurement Branch
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Phone: +61 0447 267 968
Secondary Contact
Not applicable

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Refer to VGPB scope of policies.

Mandated Agencies

Refer to VGPB scope of policies.

Departments and agencies bound by Victorian Government Purchasing Board policies must procure from the SPC if the arrangement is mandated. Refer to above.

Subject to approval by the lead department, other government owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category manager to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

The category manager is responsible for:

  • ensuring the EUC SPC continues to provide a value for money outcomes;
  • liaising with suppliers on matters relating to the contract administration and operation;
  • providing reporting requirements to the Department of Treasury and Finance;
  • monitoring ‘exceptions’ purchasing;
  • monitoring performance (include service levels and key performance indicators);
  • monitoring pricing;
  • managing and maintaining contract hardware catalogues and all other documentations;
  • conducting quarterly benchmarking for desktops and notebook categories.

Supplier Details

The EUC SPC is a closed panel arrangement consisting of five suppliers who are able to provide goods and services across a number of categories discussed below. 

What you can buy from this SPC

Buyers (mandated and not mandated) must procure from the suppliers listed against the category. There are no exceptions. 

The panel arrangements are discussed below.



 Apple Devices 

 Computers Now

 ASI Solutions

 Chrome Devices

 HP PPS Australia



 HP PPS Australia


 Mobility Devices  

 HP PPS Australia
 Computers Now (Samsung, Fujitsu)


 HP PPS Australia


 Two-in-One Devices


 HP PPS Australia


 ASI Solutions (Microsoft) 


  • Apple devices: Sub-categories included are iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad devices.
  • Chrome devices: Sub-categories included are Chromebox and Chromebook.
  • Two-in-One computers: sub-categories include standard only.
  • Desktop computers: Sub-categories included are standard and high-end. All associated components, such as mouse, monitor and keyboard are included.
  • Mobility devices: Sub-categories included are entry-level, standard and high-level. All products come with accessory options which are listed in the hardware catalogs in the confidential Information section.
  • Notebook computers: Sub-categories included are entry-level, standard, high-end, and ultra mobile.
  • Peripherals: Included in the hardware catalogue under each sub-category. If required, Buyers can request for additional items to be included, by notifying the Category Manager.

Services under the SPC

The services captured include a three-year parts and labour as well as on-site warranty (desktop and notebook), and delivery to all of Victoria.

Optional services

  • Basic installation:  unpacking equipment, setting-up equipment, and start-up to the point where the Operating System is running correctly.
  • Extended installation:  including installation of additional software or hardware, network connection, data transfer from existing desktop or notebook, updating buyer registers.
  • Imaging: Software imaging services allowing a software profile, provided by the buyer, to be installed on hardware, prior to delivery.
  • Labelling: Attach buyer supplied labels to equipment prior to delivery and may include the attachment of asset identification labels and recording of this into a database.
  • Disposal (standard service):  This includes removal of all desktops and notebook computers (not just the suppliers’ own equipment).  This shall include quality assured data security requirements, including the cleansing of data from storage media prior to equipment removal and/or hard drives remaining with the buyers when removing equipment. Suppliers are expected to use good environmental practices when disposing of all hardware. Supplier pricing for this will vary.
  • Take back and disposal service (product stewardship): This is a service paid for at the time of purchasing and is implemented when computer equipment is of no further computing use and is to be destroyed or its materials recycled.  Suppliers are to provide an end-of-life take back and disposal service for equipment and attach a label to each (summary information and contact details for the activation of the service).

Other optional extras include:

  • additional accidental damage protection and theft insurance;
  • out-of-hours extended warranty support;
  • extended warranty service provision (resolution within four hours);
  • take back and disposal service;
  • storage of hardware prior to installation.

RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

Buyers are responsible for their own procurement requirements and are able to select one or more suppliers from a category depending on the number of suppliers in the particular category that is required.

Buyers who have ongoing commitments for the procurement of EUC goods and services with a number of suppliers are advised to complete a Customer Services SPC Agreement.




Buyers are to obtain a username and password via the Confidential Information section below.  Once issued, buyers are to review product offering and pricing to determine best product fit for their organisation. 



Complete required word.gif Purchase Order (106 KB) form as per buyer requirements. Buyer signs required paperwork for the supplier and the supplier signs and returns a copy.

Buyers may also complete (optional) a word.gif Customer Supplier Agreement.doc (28 KB) with selected suppliers.   



Confirm pricing with the selected supplier(s).


Obtain internal financial approval for procurement.



Place order via a Purchase Order with the selected supplier(s).



Take delivery, the procurement is complete when a Departmental Representative has signed the delivery receipt.



Buyers have responsibility for the day-to-day operational of their procurement activities which included but not limited to:

  • procurement and payment;
  • monitoring warranty service matters;
  • monitoring supplier performance and management;
  • organising security arrangements;
  • organising site access for the suppliers;
  • signing off on acceptance testing if required;
  • managing the Customer Services Agreement should one exist; and
  • escalating performance and/or contractual issues to the category manager.

Confidential Information

Contractual information is available to approved users. 

A new confidential information system external-link.gif has been established and users are to complete an online registration form. A step-by-step process is provided to interested users.  These instructions are detailed in the word.gif State Purchase Contracts Registration Guide (126 KB).

Please note confidential information may only be accessed and used for the purpose of joining the SPC and procuring under the SPC.

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