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Document Mail Exchange (DX) Service

Please note the change in process for accessing State Purchase Contract (SPC) confidential information.

The existing user account to access the SPC confidential information will no longer be active. A new SPC confidential information system is being introduced and will require user registration. Please see instructions in the Registration Guide (126 KB)


The State Purchase Contract (SPC) for provision of Document Mail Exchange (DX Mail) was established by the Department of Treasury and Finance.  The SPC offers provision of government document pick-up and delivery services.

The SPC commenced on 1 July 2014 for a three year term, with two extension options of one year each in duration.  The SPC is a sole supplier arrangement with Toll Transport Pty Ltd (Trading as Toll). The second extension option has been exercised until 30 June 2019.

Key SPC benefits

The objectives of the contract are to provide strategic oversight and economies of scale to ensure that the Victorian government spend on intra government mail demonstrates value for money whilst also monitoring expenditure and achieving commercial and non-commercial benefits.

The key SPC benefits are:

  • standardised processes;
  • standardised prices; and
  • centralised contract management
Lead Agency
Department of Treasury and Finance
Conditions of Use
Reference Number
Sole supplier
Start Date
End Date
Primary Contact
Steven Brown
Category Manager
Department of Treasury and Finance
Phone: (+613) 9651 1558
Secondary Contact
To be advised

Who can access this SPC?

Mandated Departments

Click here for the full list.

Mandated Agencies

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Departments and agencies bound by Victorian Government Purchasing Board policies (inner budget agencies) must purchase from the SPC if the arrangement is mandated. Refer above lists.

Subject to approval by the lead department other government owned or supported organisations such as not-for-profit, councils and other government bodies may access the SPC on a discretionary basis. Consult the category manager to confirm eligibility.

Departmental Contract Managers

Department Contact Table February-2018.docx 

Supplier Details

The SPC is a sole supplier arrangement with Toll Transport
 Address:  2 Douglas Street PORT MELBOURNE VIC 3207 
 Contact:   Mr Michael Donne 
 Phone:  +61 3 9676 1739 
   0418 571 651

What you can buy from this SPC

The services under this SPC are document pick-up and delivery services.

There are three service categories, defined below, the cost of each being dependent on volumes of documents per week, and frequency of pick-up and delivery:

  • AM Exchange
  • Night Exchange (usually from a secure locker of night key entry)
  • AM Delivery/PM Pick-up

Membership Guide

The following user guide provides a better understanding of the services provided by Toll.

DX Mail User Guide


RULES OF USE: How to use this SPC

Purchases are required to complete a Membership Application with their first Purchase Order selecting the required category of level of service, with membership service fees which can be found in the Confidential Section of the Website.

Indicative Service Timetable:

  AM Exchange Night Exchange 

AM Delivery

PM Pick-up 

CBD Membership 9.00am to 5.00pm 5.00pm to 9.00am  Delivery prior to 12.00pm 
Melbourne Metropolitan Membership 9.00am to 5.00pm 5.00pm to 9.00am Delivery prior to 12.00pm
Country Exchange Membership 9.00am to 5.00pm 5.00pm to 9.00am  Delivery prior to 12.00pm


Indicative Delivery Transit Timetable:




CBD  Overnight  Overnight  Overnight
Melbourne Metropolitan Overnight  Overnight  Overnight
 Country Overnight  Overnight 

Standard Service - 2 days

Black Bag Service - Overnight


As part of the Services Toll will provide each Purchaser with a CBD Membership, Melbourne Metropolitan Membership or Country Exchange Membership, such membership to be determined on the basis of the relevant Purchaser's location and the Postcode Reference Guide for Government DX Services set out in this schedule.

The standard service provided by Toll is a door-to-door document collection and delivery service, allowing the transfer of documents to all Victorian DX Network members, not just Government members.  The annual membership service fees for the standard DX services can be found in the Confidential Section of the website.

The purchaser may, from time to time, select an increased membership to allow for larger quantities of documents to be sent per week, and fees for these higher volumes can be found in the Confidential section of the website.  Higher than standard volumes require larger bags, and Toll shall furnish bags measuring 1000mm x 600mm for large users. These are referred to as "Flash Bags', and have an annual surcharge which can be found in the Confidential section of the website.

Document volumes are monitored by Toll, and purchasers shall be invoiced in accordance with the agreed fees.

Outline of Operation of DX Mail Standard Service

Documents that do not require individual tracking will travel via DX mailbags (The standard mailbag which will measure 425mm x 560mm x250mm) which hold scannable barcoded labels.  The standard mailbag is scanned into the vehicle at pick up point, and on receipt at Toll's sorting facility, where documents are sorted into the mailbags for the required destinations.

The standard mailbags containing sorted documents are scanned into the delivery vehicle and again at delivery point.

Up to 16kg of documents may be dispatched in the standard mailbag, with no single item to exceed 3kg.  Single items between 3kg and 15kg, and all documents not packaged in the standard mailbags, are not covered by the standard mailbag service and attract an additional cost (Refer non-standard services).

Toll shall:

  • Provide the purchaser one 'standard' mailbag for each membership, nominally allowing up to 500 documents to be sent per week, unless a higher level of service has been selected by the purchaser.
  • Collect and deliver a standard mailbag every business day from the purchaser's nominated document pickup/drop point.
  • Provide a same-time delivery and collection service for the day or night exchange memberships.
  • Implement an AM delivery and PM collection service for the AM/PM memberships.

The purchaser shall:

  • Leave the standard mailbag ready for collection at the agreed pickup time (even if there are no documents to be dispatched) as the services are based on a bag exchange.

Document volume fee surcharge

Toll shall conduct periodic audits to verify document volumes.

The annual document audit will be conducted over the first two weeks of may and the last two weeks of October.  Each purchaser will have its use of the services audited over a total of four weeks each year of the agreement to determine its volume of documents. A weekly average of documents sent using the services will be calculated for each purchaser and this figure will determine a fee surcharge calculated in accordance with agreed fees (if any) to be applied to the purchaser's membership.

 If, prior to a document audit being conducted, a new purchaser requires a larger volume/bag, Toll shall conduct an ad hoc audit of the purchaser's document volumes to determine the appropriate fee surcharge in accordance with the agreed fee structure.  The fee surcharge will apply from the first month after the audit.

New purchasers will be included in the next audit and if their volumes exceed 500 items per week, then the appropriate fee surcharge will apply from  the time of the audit.  Fee surcharges are not payable on a retrospective basis.

Non-Standard Services

Bulk Lodgements of Documents

Toll shall offer a bulk lodgement service to purchasers.  A bulk lodgement charge is applied when sending through large quantities of documents on a single lodgement.

Toll will provide access to mailbags or mail trays for large users to facilitate the collection of bulk mail.

DX Black Bag Services

The black bag services is a priority overnight delivery of documents from the location of one country exchange member to another.

Purchasers requiring a black bag service will be provided with both the black mailbag as well as a 'Standard' blue mailbag.  Both the purchaser of this service and the receiving sites must subscribe to the black bag service. the relevant fees can be found in the Confidential section of the website.

For clarity, documents from country exchange members locations to metropolitan Melbourne, is covered in the standard (blue bag) services.

Shared Bag Delivery Service

For country exchange memberships, an option exits for several purchasers to share the use of a standard bag service through a common location.  Each purchaser must subscribe to the service, however a discount applies, and reflects the number of purchasers sharing that particular service.

The shared bag delivery service discount can be found in the Confidential section of the website.

DX Premium Product Service

This service is designed for secure handling and delivery to DX members Australia-wide.  The premium products have individual barcodes which are scanned each time the satchel arrives or departs a check point throughout the DX network.  Data from each scan is automatically transferred to Toll's online reporting system enabling purchasers to track movement in 'real time' via Toll's website.

DX Express Product Service

This service is designed for secure handling and delivery to street address locations Australia-wide.  The express products have individual barcodes which are scanned each time the satchel arrives or departs a checkpoint throughout the DX network.  Data from each scan is automatically transferred to Toll's online reporting system enabling purchasers to track movement in 'real time' via Toll's website.

DX International Product Service

This service is designed for secure handling and delivery to international street address locations.  The international product has individual barcodes which are scanned each time the satchel arrives or departs a check point throughout the network.  Data from each scan is automatically transferred to Toll's online reporting system enabling purchasers to track movement in 'real time' via Toll's website.

Government Labels

 For items not accommodated within the DX Mail standard service, weighing 3kg - 15kg Toll shall provide 'Government labels' which the purchaser shall attach to the DX item.  These items are also fully trackable on Toll's website.

The fees applicable to this service can be found in the Confidential section of the website.

Secure Freight Satchel

A secure freight satchel is available to ensure the integrity of the courier process for consignments requiring a high level of security.  These tamper evident satchels are Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsed and can carry items classified and up to and including 'Secret and Highly Protected.'

These satchels have a unique 'tamper evident seal' stating "If this bag has been tampered with, discolouration, distortion or a warning may appear in the tape.  In the case of tampering, do not open and immediately notify authorised personnel."

 The satchel is available in 1 and 3kg sizes and has the following features:

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting
  • Automatic Toll extra service ($500).  This is a contractual undertaking by Toll to pay damages of $500 (in addition to any other remedies that may exist under this SPC) if Toll is negligent or willfully causes loss or damage while providing its services.
  • High Risk Freight (HRF) handling and procedures.  The use of these procedures minimises the risk of loss or damage.
  • Consignments are not left unattended at any time.
  • This service is SCEC endorsed.

Hand-to-Hand Service

Hand to hand service provides for the rapid dispatch of classified documents to an addressee who may be located anywhere in Australia.  This service adheres to the following procedures:

Scanning occurs at all points of hand over to enable a complete record for all material carried;

  • The physical security includes packaging from Toll that does not identify the nature of the documents;
  • The consignment is not left unattended unless it is secured in an SCEC endorsed, locked security container or placed into the cargo hold of an aircraft;
  • The consignment is delivered to its destination in Australia within 24 hours of dispatch, or within 48 hours if the delivery area is in a remote region;
  • In the instance of major delays or if the consignment is unable to be delivered, the sender is notified by phone;
  • Consignments may include National classified security documents up to and including TOP SECRET and Non-National documents up to and including HIGHLY PROTECTED.

High Risk Freight Service

 This service is intended for consignments or documents of high importance or value. Toll shall supply the purchaser with "High Risk Freight" (HRF) stickers to identify high-risk consignments.

HRF consignments attract additional security, extra scanning and adhere to the following procedures:

  • The sender places an HRF sticker adjacent to the consignment note and completes an HRF manifest
  • The sender identifies the consignment to the driver
  • The driver ensures the consignment is personally handed to the PM operations supervisor (in the sending depot)for security scanning and manifesting
  • The consignment is bagged, security tagged and the receiving depot is alerted.  Should any delay occur in dispatch, the consignment is locked in the HRF security cage.
  • Toll's operations supervisor (in the receiving depot) manifests arrival and scans.  The consignment is locked in a security cage until dispatched on driver's run. The consignment is manifested and scanned on board for delivery and delivered with electronic Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • The consignment is not left unattended at any time.
  • An additional surcharge applies to HRF consignments.

Highly Monitored Freight Service

Highly Monitored Freight (HMF) is an overnight express delivery of time-sensitive material, adhering to the following procedures:

  • Purchaser emails the consignment note numbers to Service Provider's 'Customer Service Monitoring Team' (CSMT) at the close of business.
  • The CSMT checks that all consignments have an 'on board for delivery' scan with the driver.
  • CSMT identifies any individual consignment that may be delayed, takes corrective action and notifies sender.
  • The sender is emailed proof of delivery for all consignments with information and time of delivery.
  • Please note that a surcharge of no less than $6.00 +GST per consignment applies.

Australia Post Clear and Lodge

This service covers the early morning clearance of Purchaser-designated Australia Post PO boxes, and delivery of Post to the purchaser's office at an agreed time.

The fees for this service can be found in the Confidential section of the website.


How to Engage the Contractor

Identify Need

Prior to engaging the contractor, it is recommended that the department clearly identifies their specific requirements and the relevant level of service.

Request for Services

Departments and Agencies may request Toll to provide services by submitting either orally or in writing a Request for Services.

A Request for Services must:

  • Detail the Services required by the purchaser, together with any special requirements relevant to the performance of the relevant services; and
  • Request Toll to provide to the purchaser within two business days, a written quote in respect of the provision of those services.  Such a quote must contain all the information required by a Request for Services.

If the Department/agency accepts a quote provided, the department/agency will issue a Purchase Order signed by the authorized representative in relation to the required services.  The Purchase Order is to specify, as a minimum, the identity of the purchaser and the order number, Toll's details and quote number or details and the relevant services.

A quote will not be binding on Toll or the purchaser until such time as a Purchase Order contract has been formed.

Toll must provide the services the subject of a Purchase Order contract in accordance with the Service Levels and otherwise in accordance with this agreement and the requirements of the relevant Purchase Order.

Please click here for the Request for Services template and here for the Purchase Order template.

Once this process is complete, Toll will send you a membership form which you will need to complete in order for Toll to implement your new service correctly.

All documents generated and received in the course of the Notice of Participation must be placed and retained in a departmental file and made available if required to the Contract Manager.

Financial arrangements


Toll will state their charges within the Request for Quote and the client must agree to charges, and issue a Notice of Participation before any expenditure is incurred.

Standard Features

Unless otherwise state, the following financial arrangements will apply:

  • Toll will issue and annual membership fee per service
  • Toll will receive an annual payment for the membership service

How to join the SPC

Organisations interested in joining the SPC should follow the process outlined below:

Step 1. Register at the DTF.APPS portal and complete the on-line confidential information access request form.  Please refer to the instructions in the registration guide.

Step 2. The Category Manager will verify your eligibility to access the SPC and notify you of the outcome.

Step 3. If your organisation is approved/deemed eligible to join the SPC, you will then be required to register directly with the Toll contact listed above.

Step 4. Advise the Category Manager once you have completed the joining/registration process. 

Confidential Information

Confidential contract information is available to approved users. You can obtain access to this information by creating a user account for the new SPC confidential information system. Please refer to the instructions in the State Purchase Contracts Registrations Guide 

Confidential Information Login page:

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