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***Government buyer confidential information system***

A new confidential information system external-link.gifhas been established for Government buyers. To gain access buyers are required to complete an online registration form. Download the attached step-by-step instruction guide to follow the registration process word.gif State Purchase Contracts Registration Guide (130 KB).

Note: this system is for Government buyers only. Suppliers seeking to provide services to the Government need to check the 'rules of use' section under each individual state purchase contract and apply accordingly.

State purchase contracts (SPCs) are standing offer agreements for Victorian government common use goods and services, which are established when value for money can best be achieved through aggregating demand.

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) through its Strategic Sourcing Group is responsible as lead entity for the establishment and category management of Whole of Victorian Government mandated SPCs relating to Goods and Services, excluding the information, communications and technology (ICT) categories.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) through its Technology Procurement Group is responsible for the establishment and management of ICT Whole of Victorian Government mandated and non-mandated SPCs relating to hardware, IT infrastructuretelecommunications and software contracts. DPC also manages and administers the eServices Register.

SPCs are either mandatory or non-mandatory for inner budget entities (all departments and a number of agencies bound by VGPB policies). These entities must purchase from mandatory SPCs unless the lead department has granted a written exemption.

List of inner budget entities can be accessed through the Scope of policies.

SPCs may also be utilised by eligible outer budget entities such as statutory authorities. In some cases they may also be utilised by local councils, organisations that are partly funded by government, and charitable or not for profit organisations.

Please refer to the How to join the SPC section of the individual SPC for more information.

SPCs can be sole or multiple (panel) supplier arrangements or register arrangements. Panels can be open or closed. Open panels are able to accept new suppliers at set or other times during the contract period. Closed panels are restricted to the suppliers engaged at the commencement of the contract.

Registers consist of prequalified suppliers, compliant with the eligibility criteria to provide goods and services to Victorian government.

For further guidance on the operation of SPCs please see paragraph 2 of the VGPB Market Analysis and Review Policy.

More information on individual SPCs can be obtained by clicking on the contract name below.

State Purchase Contract Categories:

Advertising and Communications

Banking and Financial Services


Energy Performance Contracting


HR Services

IT - Major IT Services

IT - Voice, data and internet services

IT - Software

IT - Hardware


Mail Services

Fuel and Associated Products

Professional Services

Security Services



Motor Vehicles

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