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Social Procurement Framework

Building a fair, inclusive and sustainable Victoria through procurement

The Victorian Government is committed to social and sustainable procurement. It recognises the ability of government procurement to make a difference to the lives of all Victorians.

To support this, the Government is currently establishing a Social Procurement Framework (SPF) that creates opportunities for government buyers and suppliers to deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes that benefit the Victorian community.

All procurement in Victoria is based on a value-for-money decision which doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest option. It incorporates a balanced judgement of a range of financial and non-financial factors.

Social procurement is when organisations choose to purchase a social outcome in addition to the products or services required.

To successfully implement the SPF, the Department of Treasury and Finance and Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources are working together to create supporting guidance material. The guidance material will show government buyers and suppliers how to apply the framework through tools, templates and supplier directories.

The SPF will have application to all Victorian government entities from 1 September 2018.

We will keep you informed as the framework is formally launched and guidance material is made available.

Further Information

Below is a list of relevant Government policy, legislation, and initiatives that the SPF seeks to support:

Government Policy

Local Jobs First – Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP)

Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG)

The Value Creation and Capture (VCC) Framework

Jobs Victoria

Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) and the Supplier Code of Conduct

Victorian Small Business Commission

Aboriginal Policy and Business

Tharamba Bugheen – Victorian Aboriginal Business  Strategy

Victorian Aboriginal Economic Board (VAEB)

Social Enterprises

Victorian Social Enterprises Strategy


Absolutely Everyone: State Disability plan 2017-2020

Every Opportunity: Victorian economic participation plan for people with disability 2018-2020

Gender Equality

Safe and Strong: Victoria’s Gender Equality Strategy


Climate Change Act 2017

2017 ISO: 20400 Sustainable Procurement Standard

Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) Rating Scheme

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