Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

The governance policy covers mandatory requirements for your procurement governance framework, assessment to manage procurement activity and complaints management. 

Procurement governance framework

Governance in procurement refers to the overall systems and procedural arrangements to ensure that the procurement process applies appropriate levels of control and probity. The key components of a governance regime are:

  • appropriate procurement policies;
  • procedures defining how the process should be managed;
  • allocation of roles and responsibilities so that roles are separated and appropriately capable staff manage the key processes; and
  • controls and review processes to monitor the performance of the procurement process.*

Assessment to manage procurement activity

The assessment to manage procurement activity provides assurance that your organisation has the appropriate governance structure, policies, procedures, practices and probity in place to manage the scope and complexity of your procurement activities.

Complaints management

A complaint is an issue or concern expressed by a supplier in relation to the process and probity applied by an organisation when carrying out a procurement activity.

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