Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

The list below outlines other procurement functions that either regulate Victoria Government procurement, or provide buyers with information about procurement opportunities:

Social Traders

Social Traders exist to create jobs for disadvantaged Australians by linking business and government buyers with social enterprises.  Social Traders is Australia's leading organisation connecting social enterprises with social procurement opportunities and supporting social enterprise to successfully deliver on the contracts they win.  If your organisation is a Social Traders buyer member, you will have access to the directory of Social Traders certified social enterprises through the buyer member social procurement portal.

Victorian Aboriginal Business Directory external site icon

The Victorian Aboriginal Business Directory external site icon gives government buyers the ability to search for Victorian Aboriginal businesses that provide different types of goods and services. The  directory is aimed at increasing opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal businesses to participate in the economy.

Supply Nation

Supply Nation offers a database called Indigenous Business Direct which connects Government buyers with Indigenous businesses across the country. The database is aimed at increasing Indigenous business participation in Australia.

Health Purchasing Victoria external site icon

Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) is an independent statutory authority that regulates the collective purchasing power of the Victorian public health services and hospitals. HPV works with the health sector to drive supply chain efficiencies through managing procurements of clinical categories such as pharmaceuticals and medical consumables through to equipment and non-clinical services.

Construction Contracts and Advisory Panel external site icon

The Construction Contracts Advisory Panel (CCAP) is the Victorian government committee responsible for public construction. The CCAP aims to improve construction by providing advice to the government in relation to public construction procurement and contract management resulting in the identification of best practise opportunities.

Tenders Vic

The Tenders Vic website is an online portal that provides a platform for all Victorian government tenders to be publically advertised and for potential suppliers to respond electronically through the Elodgement system. Tenders Vic encourages market participation by providing potential suppliers with the opportunity to prepare and respond to tenders through a fair and equitable system.

Contracts Publishing System

The Contracts Publishing System (CPS) provides the public with information about contracts entered into by Victorian Government departments and entities that are mandated. A summary of information is available on contracts valued equal to or exceeding $100,000. For contracts valued over$10 million, the contract itself is available.

Partnerships Victoria external site icon

The Partnerships Victoria policy provides the framework for a whole of government approach to the provision of public infrastructure and related ancillary services through public private partnerships. This policy aims to use the innovative skills and abilities of the private sector in a way that is most likely to deliver value for money and improved services to the community.

Australian Disability Enterprises Register external site icon

Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) register is a database of businesses that provide employment opportunities for Australians living with a significant disability who would otherwise not be able to work.


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