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The EOI template comprises four parts:

  • The Introduction - provides a framework for the EOI
  • Part A - The Invitation

Part A.1 - About this invitation details the procurement opportunity

Part A.2 - Overview of the requirements describes the goods and/or services the Organisations is seeking from suppliers

  • Part B - Conditions of Participation - sets the rules applying to the EOI process. It is divided into rules applicable to the Victorian Government and Organisation-specific.
  • Part C - Invitees response - provides space for the inclusion of an invitee response template

(Part C has been deliberately left blank so as the invitee response template is developed specifically for the procurement. For further information about developing a template you may wish to refer to the Guide-to-developing-an-Offer-template word.gif)

The EOI templates are for the use in an EOI process only with the potential to be part of a multi stage procurement process. There should be no intent to engage as a direct result of the EOI process.


 Guide to market approachword.gif
 Guide to developing an Offer templateword.gif
 Guide to Specification Writing word.gif

 Templates                 Expression of Interest EOI.docxword.gif
 EOI Part C Invitees response word.gif
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