Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

The VGPB has introduced a supply policy framework that recognise procurement as a core business function and moves away from a prescriptive financial threshold to a complexity and risk based model to inform the approach to market.

The framework covers the whole procurement lifecycle and is underpinned by high levels of probity, accountability and flexibility with a strong focus on value for money, more interactive engagement with the market and productivity improvement. 

All Victorian Government organisations subject to VGPB policies are operating under the policy framework. Other entities and local government that procure goods and services are not required to comply with VGPB policies, however, they may choose to align their procurement processes with VGPB policies as a matter of good practice.  

For more information on applying the VGPB policies, download the Guide to aligning with the VGPB procurement framework and the Self-assessment alignment tool. 

To find out about becoming VGPB accredited, download the Guide to obtaining VGPB accreditation and the Accreditation assessment tool or contact the VGPB Secretariat at or call 9651 1699.

To understand more about the VGPB's supply policy framework and how aligning can improve your organisation's  procurement practises, download the VGPB procurement  framework FAQs.

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