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***New free trade agreement requirements***

Free trade requirements have been introduced in the goods and services guides and construction rules to commence on 30 December 2018.

These changes include the requirement for domestic dispute resolution to hear complaints from suppliers through arbitration.

Free trade agreements apply to some, but not all procurement, and apply to some, but not all Victorian Government agencies. To find out if these requirements apply to you, visit Buying for Victoria.


***VGPB Annual Report 2017-18*** 

Today, the Minster for Finance tabled the VGPB Annual Report 2017-18 in Parliament.

We would like to recognise the enormous amount of work that organisations have contributed to this year’s report to support the VGPB with its activities and initiatives.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • driving digitisation to enhance buyer capability and help implement change;
  • trends in organisations contract approvals across all four complexity quadrants;
  • complete performance measures reporting following a three-year implementation; and
  • embedding social procurement into the procurement process through the core principle of value for money.

For more information of the VGPB visit the About Us page.




Slides are now available for the Best Value Procurement Seminar, featuring Mr John Savicky - Director, Sourcing Research for Performance Based Studies Research Group and lecturer at ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY. 

Best value procurement methodology involves applying a procurement approach which allows buyers to successfully run more procurement projects, delivering the required outcomes in less time and with less effort. 

Buyers are encouraged to review the slides and share with their teams. For more information contact the VGPB Secretariat.


***Buying for Victoria***

The Department of Treasury and Finance and the Department of Premier and Cabinet have recently launched the Buying for Victoria websiteThis procurement portal is the first step to providing buyers and suppliers with a single location to access procurement information.

You will find newly released information about Victoria's Social Procurement Framework, a policy framework to harness the buying power of government to create social benefit for Victorian communities.


*** Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) ***

To support the Victorian Government's commitment to create and retain local jobs, the Minister for Finance has approved the VGPB to release the Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE).   The Guide mandates all government buyers to procure locally manufactured uniforms and PPE, wherever possible, from 1 August 2018. 

Benefits of the Guide include:

  • supports the Victorian Government’s commitment to creating and retaining local jobs in the local manufacture of uniforms and PPE; 
  • supports local small to medium enterprises; 
  • provides advice for procuring from the local Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) sector; and 
  • advises on ethical labour and environmental considerations.

Government buyers are encouraged to review the Guide, model clauses, and buyer frequently asked questions. 

Suppliers are encouraged to review the Guide and supplier frequently asked questions.

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