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***Guide to procuring Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)***

The Guide to procuring Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and the model clauses, have been revised to incorporate the Ethical Supplier Register.

The Ethical Supplier Register comprises suppliers of locally manufactured corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and PPE. The registered suppliers have (or are in the process of having) their local manufacturing supply chain ethically accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia or verified by an independent third party. The accreditation processes assure compliance with relevant labour laws relating to wages, awards and working conditions. Government organisations are required to buy locally manufactured uniforms and PPE from registered suppliers on the Ethical Supplier Register.

The model clauses allow that suppliers do not need to be registered to respond to an invitation to supply for uniforms and PPE, but if their offer includes locally manufactured goods then the supplier must be registered prior to contract execution. The model clauses may be tailored by buyers to meet the requirements of their procurement.

For further details and to access the Ethical Supplier Register.

***New free trade agreement requirements***

Updated Free trade requirements apply to goods and services and construction rules from 5 May 2019.

Goods and services guides have been updated to incorporate the new requirements. Public construction policy is being updated in May 2019.

Free trade agreements apply to some, but not all procurement, and apply to some, but not all Victorian Government agencies. To find out if these requirements apply to you, visit Buying for Victoria.

  ***VGPB Annual Report 2017-18*** 

Today, the Minster for Finance tabled the VGPB Annual Report 2017-18 in Parliament.

We would like to recognise the enormous amount of work that organisations have contributed to this year’s report to support the VGPB with its activities and initiatives.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • driving digitisation to enhance buyer capability and help implement change;
  • trends in organisations contract approvals across all four complexity quadrants;
  • complete performance measures reporting following a three-year implementation; and
  • embedding social procurement into the procurement process through the core principle of value for money.

For more information of the VGPB visit the About Us page.

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