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***Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework released to benefit all Victorians***

The Victorian Government is committed to social procurement. It recognises the ability of government procurement to make a difference to the lives of all Victorians.

To support this commitment, the Government has established Victoria's Social Procurement Framework (SPF). By leveraging its significant buying power, the SPF enables buyers and suppliers to deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes that benefit the Victorian community.

For further information on the SPF, buyers and suppliers are encouraged to explore their respective sections of the website.


***Guide to market approach revised***

The VGPB has made some minor amendments to its Guide to market approach to reflect the introduction of the Call Centre Code, Supplier Code of Conduct and changes to the Local Jobs First - Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP).

Buyers are advised to visit the VGPB website and download the updated Guide to market approach.

The Market approach guide supports VGPB’s Policy 4: Market Approach. Market approach involves informing the potential supply market about your procurement requirements and selecting the most appropriate supplier.

For more information on VGPB guides visit


*** Revised Singapore Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA)***

The federal government recently entered into a revised free trade agreement with Singapore (SAFTA) that applies to procurement conducted by Australian States and Territories. Most of the new obligations commence from tomorrow (1 December 2017). 

 The obligations that commence tomorrow are consistent with existing free trade agreements and VGPB supply policies. No change is required to existing practice for goods and services procurement. 

The revised SAFTA does contain new, more onerous requirements relating to the review of alleged breaches (Chapter 6, Article 18). However, these requirements are stated to only come into effect in the event that the Trans Pacific Partnership is agreed (i.e. revived by the remaining parties) and comes into force. 

The full text of the revised SAFTA is available on the DFAT website.

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