Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

*** Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) ***

To support the Victorian Government's commitment to create and retain local jobs, the Minister for Finance has approved the VGPB to release the Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE).   The Guide mandates all government buyers to procure locally manufactured uniforms and PPE, wherever possible, from 1 August 2018. 

Benefits of the Guide include:

  • supports the Victorian Government’s commitment to creating and retaining local jobs in the local manufacture of uniforms and PPE; 
  • supports local small to medium enterprises; 
  • provides advice for procuring from the local Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) sector; and 
  • advises on ethical labour and environmental considerations.

Government buyers are encouraged to review the Guide and model clauses. The VGPB is currently developing frequently asked questions which will be published shortly. 

*** New member appointments to the VGPB***

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) Secretariat is pleased to announce that Claire Thomas has been appointed as a member of the VGPB.

Ms Thomas is an economics professional with a strong background in public policy and administration and academic research. Currently an independent public policy consultant, Ms Thomas has provided economic and public policy consultancy services across a number of organisations including Infrastructure Australia, DTF and the Essential Services Commission. Ms Thomas is also a member of the Independent Review Panel that oversees the allocation of gambling licences in Victoria.  In 2009, Ms Thomas was awarded the public service medal for services to public policy. Her skills and experience will help to drive strategic leadership, which is a key focus of the VGPB moving forward.

We look forward to working with Ms Thomas and benefitting from her experience and knowledge. We strongly believe the Board is well placed to continue to progress its important work in relation to government procurement.

We would also like to congratulate Mr Russell Yardley, Mr Craig Rooney and Mr Randall Straw who have all been reappointed as Board members.


***Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework released to benefit all Victorians***

The Victorian Government is committed to social procurement. It recognises the ability of government procurement to make a difference to the lives of all Victorians.

To support this commitment, the Government has established Victoria's Social Procurement Framework (SPF). By leveraging its significant buying power, the SPF enables buyers and suppliers to deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes that benefit the Victorian community.

For further information on the SPF, buyers and suppliers are encouraged to explore their respective sections of the website.


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