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Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

***Supplier Code of Conduct***

The Victorian Government has implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code) to support its 2014 election commitment to ensure ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement.

The Victorian Government views its suppliers as partners and cares about the way that they do business when providing goods or services, including construction works and services, to the Victorian Government.

The Code describes the minimum expectations in the areas of: integrity, ethics and conduct; conflict of interest, gifts, benefits and hospitality; corporate governance; labour and human rights; health and safety; and environmental management.

Suppliers to the Victorian Government are advised to review the Code and ensure that relevant areas of their business and supply chain meet these standards.

Government buyers can find out more under the Code policy page of this website. 

For further information please contact the VGPB Secretariat on 9651 1699 or alternatively contact your internal procurement unit or equivalent.


***Victorian Government Paper Procurement Guide***

The Victorian Government paper procurement guide has been developed to provide Government buyers with recommended standards for sustainable paper procurement. 


Setting standards for the buying of paper - where a Victorian Government department or agency has and/or introduces its own paper procurement policy or guideline, it is recommended that the standards are in line (as a minimum) with those detailed in this guide.


***Public Transport Victoria Gains VGPB Accreditation***

The VGPB would like to congratulate Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on its successful transition to the VGPB Supply Policy framework effective from 1 January 2017. PTV now has a much improved governance framework and plan for developing its procurement capability.  

For more information about PTVs procurement please refer to organisations procurement activity plan page.


***VGPB December Meeting Update*** 

On Thursday 8 December the VGPB held its final Board meeting for 2016. The Board welcomed the Department of Treasury and Finance Secretary, Mr David Martine, who discussed a range of topics including the importance of the VGPB’s role in increasing procurement capability across government. 

The Board reviewed and approved minor enhancements to the current performance measurement framework used by organisations to report procurement efficiency and effectiveness. These enhancements are designed to clarify the methodology used to calculate the metrics. Performance measures are published in the VGPB’s annual report.  

The Board also reviewed and endorsed a standard forward procurement activity plan template, that was developed in consultation with Chief Procurement Officers. This template will be used by organisations to publish their forward procurement activity plans, making it easier for suppliers to identify upcoming procurement opportunities through use of a standard document.  


***2015-16 VGPB Annual Report***

The 2015-16 VGPB Annual Report was tabled in Parliament by the Minister for Finance on 13 October 2016.

The VGPB would like to recognise the enormous amount of work that organisations have contributed to this year's report to support the VGPB in achieving its strategic priorities.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • delivering on the Government's election commitments through the completion of a policy review.
  • implementing standardised performance measures across Government for the procurement of goods and services to establish a baseline for future reporting; and
  • developing a five year strategic plan that includes five strategic priorities that focus on the VGPB on areas where it can support organisations as the Victorian Government moves to a more sophisticated procurement model.

Visit the about us page for more information on the VGPB


*** Guide to understanding the supply chain ***

A new guide has been developed to help procurers understand supply chain analysis. The guide seeks to help procurers understand how supply chain can inform the way they procure and inform the broader organisations procurement framework.

Understanding the supply chain and what contributes to the delivery of a good or service can:

  • help to achieve optimal value for money;
  • assist with managing risks that may impact the successful delivery; and
  • help to identify where procurement can be used to meet broader government objectives.


***Government buyer confidential information system***

A new state purchase contract confidential information system external-link.gifhas been established for Government buyers. To gain access buyers are required to complete an online registration form. Download the attached step-by-step instruction guide to follow the registration process State Purchase Contracts Registration Guide.docx word.gif(130 KB).

For more information visit the State Purchase Contract page


**Restrictions on non-campaign advertising in metropolitan print media**

The Victorian Government has introduced restrictions on non-campaign advertising in metropolitan print media by government departments, visit the Master Agency Media Services state purchase contract to find out more information.


 ***Revised VGPB supply policies effective 1 July 2016***

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) has published its revised supply policies in the Government Gazette on page 1591. The revised supply policies continue to support the VGPB's objective to drive efficiency in procurement and value for money outcomes for the State.

The policy review was conducted against the Government’s 2014 election commitments and feedback from organisations. The review identified a number of policy and guidance material changes along with broader government initiatives that the VGPB continues to play an active role in delivering.

 All in scope organisations will need to comply with the revised supply policies from 1 July 2016. To assist with understanding the changes a comparison table outlining the changes is available. This has also been provided to all Chief Procurement Officers.

Additional information on the revised policies, guides and initiatives can be found in the VGPB Policy Review Fact Sheet.

The VGPB will provide updates via this page to support organisations throughout this process.

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